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Director of Operations FSM

Now accepting resumes for Director of Operations  
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New ACSI Procedures

Good Morning, how many times in previous part 139 inspections has the ACSI, pulled levers, pushed buttons, opened cabinets, or conduced a manual/physical inspection of the airport operators equipment?  In 2004, when I joined the Airport Safety & Operations office, I always considered this practice exposed the ACSI and the program to liabilities and why would the ACSI's internal Order have the ACSI conduct the tests rather than the airport operator representative?  You know, the...
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About to Graduate from College, Need Advice

Hello There! I'm a 22 year old Aviation Management major (Business minor) who is about to graduate from a 4-year program at San Jose State University with a B.S. I was encouraged by a friend in the industry to reach out to people on this website for some general post-college advice. I'm really interested in airports, and would be psyched to get a position in Ops, Management, Planning, etc. I'm in San Jose, CA and...
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Hi-Lite New Airfield Maintenance Service

Hi-Lite is proud to announce their new service Airfield Maintenance Services (AMS) Follow this link and find out more 
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ARFF truck maintenance

We are temporarily without a Fleet manager, during the time of our annual ARFF truck PM's  Has anybody ever been asked by a 139 inspector to show evidence of truck maintenance?  i am not finding any info in AC's regarding ARFF vehicles or Grant assurances that specifies proof of regular maintenance and certification.  Yes, we definitely need to keep these vehicles in tip-top shape, but does anyone have a scheduled truck maintenance program that is...
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