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UAV Airport Operations

Hi everyone, We are now flying UAVs here at our airport. The Golden Triangle Regional Airport owns and operates the UAVs. We fly the UAVs in our Class D airspace under an approved FAA 107 authorization. Our UAVs are a really useful airport tool.     Here is a link to a new news article with more information.   Hopefully, many more airports will start utilizing UAVs in the future.       
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FAA Inspector Recurrent Training

As a heads up to my Fellow MAOians: Last month, I had the priviledge of presenting to all of the FAA Airport Certification Safety Inspectors in Orlando as part of their recurrent training. When asked what they were seeing as typical discrepancies during their airfield marking inspections, their issues were several and rarely the same. As you know, depending on which FAA inspector you have, you can get different opinions on whether your markings are...
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Hi-Lite Airfield Services

Hi-Lite Airfield Services, LLC Hi-Lite is a global leader in Airfield Markings Maintenance, Contracting and Consulting. We offer innovative and sustainable maintenance solutions to maximize airport operations, safety and meet the stringent requirements of FAA Part 139 and ICAO Annex 14.  Hi-Lite is a centralized source of solutions with a full range of services in airside safety. We offer innovative airfield assessment services as well as runway rubber removal, friction testing, and airfield markings application....
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Inspecting Approach Lights

On your inspection do you check the Runway Approach lights on every lighting inspection? Does your inspector require this? I have worked at a number of major airports and never had to do this.
Poll Are you required to check the Approach lights on your inspection Vote now!
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Front Brooms - Snow Removal

Anyone that uses front mount brooms for snow removal do you have problems with the wire and poly bristles breaking off?  It is a FOD issue for us.  Also our brooms are shedding full poly segments during snow removal operations.  Does anyone have thoughts on why this is occurring and how to remedy it? Thanks       
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