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Deice Chemicals on Runways - When to Apply Liquid vs Solid

Hello. Does anyone have a reference chart or guide to help their staff determine when to apply liquid and/or solid deice chemicals to runways? For example: If the forecast predicts freezing rain, and the temperature is (x), then apply liquid deice/anti-ice chemical (x) minutes prior to anticipated start of precipitation.  Currently, we use Potassium Acetate (Liquid) and Sodium Formate (Solid), sometimes with sand.  Thank you.  
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Supertugs on Movement Area

How do other airports handle supertugs? Do you treat them as taxiing aircraft? What about when the weather goes down?
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Surplus For Sale

Just trying to free up our storage areas. If interested make us an offer. If you can use it, we can deal. We are in a rather remote location in Eastern Montana. If you you know someone that could use this stuff for art projects or airport use please pass along.  Email:    
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Mods to Standard in ACM

Has anyone ever heard of or seen verbiage anywhere requiring the inclusion of modifications to standard in the ACM? Looking through the ACM advisory circular, I think it vaguely eludes to this in section 204-b (exemptions). But I have not been able to find any clear statement requiring mods to standard in the ACM.   Asking because a state transportation (not FAA) inspector who recently visited our airport seemed to believe this is the case. Not trying to...
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Snow Removal Equipment

We have several pieces of snow removal equipment available at Below are the links to the equipment.        
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