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"Aviation Sand"

Hi community members, I am looking for FAA approved Sand to use as a teatment for ice conditions we may incounter on our Rwy. We are in S. Colorado and are having a difficult time finding vendors that sell materials that meet the specific FAA gradations. I am also considering NAAC, however I need to fully research the sand option before justifying the expense. Any thoughts or direction here is appreciated.  Thanks. G
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About Hi-Lite | Services | Contact Us Airfield Maintenance Services

Hi-Lite’s airfield maintenance services and products are available through competitively solicited cooperative contract #062817-HLA. Airports of all sizes in the United States and Canada benefit. Satisfy procurement requirements and hire the best in the industry.  Services include: Airfield Markings Assessments Runway and Taxiway Markings Runway Rubber Removal Friction Testing Additionally, airports can purchase consumable products including: AEROGREEN Cleaning Products Airport Traffic Paint Airport Glass Beads Stencils Graco Stripers  Click here to access contract documents.
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RWY Safety Area Mowing LOA

Hi all, I'm inquiring if anyone has any Runway Safety Area Mowing LOA's they can share?  AC 150/5210-20A and CertAlert 16-07 pointedly indicated as long as an LOA is used, limited purposes can allow vehicles in the RSA while Air Carrier operations are going.  I am attempting to create a Working Group with our local ATCT and Tech Ops to attempt defining what limitation/restrictions should be observed in a LOA for RSA mowing operations specifically....
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Airfield Management Shift Lead (AMSL)

Youngstown ARS, Vienna OH, 44453 Full Time, Contract, Criterion Corporation   Job Description: AMSL personnel must be able to represent the AFM during emergency response situations and during non-duty hours. The AMSL must provide professional customer service to the Youngstown ARS AFB flying community at all times. The AMSL will be expected to maintaining situational awareness of all airfield activities to ensure a safe and efficient airfield environment. Job Requirements: Contract personnel selected to fill...
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Snow and Ice Control Plans

Hello again all!   I was wondering if afy of you would be willing to share your Snow and Ice Control Plans with me? Here in Maine, we think about these sorts of thing all year (I'm learning)! We are looking to switch it up a bit and would like to consider the proven processes you all have in our quest to improve year over year. Please drop them by my email as you have...
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