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Airfield Marking Certificate Training

Good Afternoon all!  PWM will be hosting an Airfield Markings Certificate Training that will be put on by Sightline.  The training will be held at the Portland International Jetport from October 8-10 2019.  Please follow the link below to register. For additional questions, please contact: Josh Loewenberg, ACE 207-747-8041    
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Runway Closure for Maintenance

Hello All. Concerning Runway Closures during Maintenance. ie Airfield Maintenance painting or rubber removal. When closing a runway does your practive include closing off each and all associated taxiways for the respective runway (along with the lighted Xs) OR is there any scenerio where just the lighted Xs are used. I am not finding clear references on this. If you can point me to any reference material, it would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks You...
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Failed Inspections

I'm looking for examples of failed inspections, I want to show my guys what a bad light looks like along with any other failures you may have had on the field. Anything you have or may have seen I would appreciate pictures!  Please send to  Thank you!!! 
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ARFF Training and NFPA Certification

I was reviewing FAA AC 150/5210-17C "Programs for Training of ARFF Personnel".  Although NFPA firefigther  certifcation is not required by Part 139 I am curious if other Part 139 certificated airports have their ARFF personnel certified under NFPA 1003.         If your ARFF personnel are or are not certified under NFPA 1003 I am interested in hearing from you.  What are the advantages and/or disadvantages?        Thank you.    
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Airport Improvement: Hi-Lite, The Next Chapter

  Exciting news is in your mailbox this week from Airport Improvement! In 2019, Hi-Lite celebrates 30 years in business. To mark this occasion, Hi-Lite is taking on bold new technologies to transform airfield maintenance. We are introducing Spec-Rite, the ONLY software in the world designed to manage specific maintenance obstacles for a safe and compliant airfield.   Recent changes in the FAA P-620 Specification for runway and taxiway markings have challenged airports in managing...
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