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Google Earth w/ Airport Surfaces Overlaid!!!

I am sure it's not a unique situation to run across some genius that thinks it ok to boom up a crane, use a concrete pumper or create any number of potential obstruction around our airport.   I wanted to share a great way to see your surfaces and pretty much anything overlaid onto an aerial and actually be able to use it in the real world and on the airfield. with little to no...
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NOTAM to restrict diversions

KRIC experiences numerous diversions annually due to our proximity to IAD, DCA, and other airports in the northeast.  We are currently under construction, expanding the A Concourse at the airport.  As a result, our hardstand parking availability is greatly reduced and the availability of parking at other gates is significantly constrained.  We are toying with the idea of issuing a NOTAM to restrict or eliminate non-scheduled diversions to our airport.  Have any other airports issued...
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Runway Friction Testing

Is runway friction testing a requirement at 139 certified airports? The AC says it's a recommendation. Wondering what other airports do.
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Ops Vehicle Lighting

What color warning lights are on your Operations Vehicles? AC 150/521-05D specifies "Airfield Service, Aircraft Support, Airport Operations, and Other Vehicles.  Yellow flashing light per the chromaticity requirements in Appendix B." However, recently I flew through PHX and noticied their Ops vehicles had flashing green lights. I believe the rational for this is that in a sea of yellow lights (as during a construction project) ATCT can tell immediately if there is an Ops vehicle...
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Quartz RWY Edge Lights

Looking to purchase GE EVV 120W 6.6A quartz lamps. Does anyone have a source?    
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