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Snow and Ice Control Plans

Hello again all!   I was wondering if afy of you would be willing to share your Snow and Ice Control Plans with me? Here in Maine, we think about these sorts of thing all year (I'm learning)! We are looking to switch it up a bit and would like to consider the proven processes you all have in our quest to improve year over year. Please drop them by my email as you have...
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Assistant Airfield Manager

Assistant Airfield ManagerCriterion Corporation - Youngstown, OH Criterion Corporation is currently seeking candidates to fill the Airfield Manager & Assistant Airfield Manager positions at Youngstown ARS, OH. Position requires performance of a variety of Airfield Management services pertaining to pre-flight planning, coordination and maintaining liaison with military, federal, internal and local agencies concerning flight planning, training routes utilization, flight movement messages and search and rescue operations. Additional duties include but not limited to that of airfield inspections...
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Hello All. Just curious. Are you using bird cannons at your airport. I guess even moreso for those that experience hot / dry temps. I ask this... because at my airport , we have experience 2 bird cannon fires, whereas they sparked and caught fire to dry grass.  Have you seen this occur, and if so, what method did you use to remedy this. This is fresh in my head right now, because it occured...
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Maintenance Manager Retiring

Hello MyOps!   My Airport Maintenance Manager is retiring and I was hoping to get some ideas regarding what to look for and pay attention to while we search for our next manager. I am new to my position and have limited maintenance experience so any insight would be very much appreciated.    We are a small hub international airport with very tough Winters and presently have no 3rd shift. 
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on call / call back policy

Does any one have an on call policy i can look at?
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