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Ops Vehicle Lighting

What color warning lights are on your Operations Vehicles? AC 150/521-05D specifies "Airfield Service, Aircraft Support, Airport Operations, and Other Vehicles.  Yellow flashing light per the chromaticity requirements in Appendix B." However, recently I flew through PHX and noticied their Ops vehicles had flashing green lights. I believe the rational for this is that in a sea of yellow lights (as during a construction project) ATCT can tell immediately if there is an Ops vehicle...
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Quartz RWY Edge Lights

Looking to purchase GE EVV 120W 6.6A quartz lamps. Does anyone have a source?    
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New Technology Featured in Airport Improvement Magazine

Hello MAO, TUL and Sightline were featured in an article in Airport Improvement Magazine's Runway & Ramp Special Edition. You may want to look into doing this at your airport as part of your maintenance and/or preparation for you Part 139 FAA Inspection: Mike Speidel Sightline
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Airfield Safety Training Instructor

ASSET LLC, is looking to hire an experienced aviation professional to specialize in Airfield Driver Safety Training and training program development. ASSET develops and implements airfield safety training programs from driver safety to construction safety to aircraft recovery operations. We are looking for someone with a well rounded knowledge of airport operations (medium to large hub prefered) with great "people skills" who enjoys teaching and sharing their experiences with students to promote airfield safety. Instructor...
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"Aviation Sand"

Hi community members, I am looking for FAA approved Sand to use as a teatment for ice conditions we may incounter on our Rwy. We are in S. Colorado and are having a difficult time finding vendors that sell materials that meet the specific FAA gradations. I am also considering NAAC, however I need to fully research the sand option before justifying the expense. Any thoughts or direction here is appreciated.  Thanks. G
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