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Fungicide for RWY Markings?

So we've got a bit of mildew/algae on some of our RWY markings, and we're 2-3 years out from a RWY rehab. As old as the markings are, I'd prefer to not use anything too abrasive (brushes, pressure washers, etc.) to clean them. So does anyone know of any fungicide that works well enough to remove algae just by spraying it on and hosing it off, or possibly just letting the rain wash it off?...
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Traffic Pattern Indicator

Need to replace the translucent corrugated panels at our traffic pattern indicator. These panels are backlit for nighttime visibility.      Is there a FAA spec for these panels? I looked thru the ACs and couldn't find anything.      
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Road and Airfield Sweepers

Looking to see what types of Sweeper trucks everybody uses. Currently we operate Johnson VT600 and VT650. We are having issues with the main or center broom on the truck coning and wearing out within two weeks and the side or gutter brooms lasting about a Month. Our Inhouse Mechanic tells us both brooms should last at least a month. We are up for replacementr/rebid of equipment and looking for opinions. Thanks in advanced. 
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Night Mowing

Has any one here recently begun a night mowing regime?  Have you seen a decrease in bird activity after you started? What are some problematic issues you have found? What have been the benefits?
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Pesticides in the Safety Area

What pesticides have you all been using in the Safety Area? Have you seen an uptick in birds feeding on the dead bugs? Have the birds themselves been poisioned?   Jim Smith
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