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Inspecting Approach Lights

On your inspection do you check the Runway Approach lights on every lighting inspection? Does your inspector require this? I have worked at a number of major airports and never had to do this.
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Front Brooms - Snow Removal

Anyone that uses front mount brooms for snow removal do you have problems with the wire and poly bristles breaking off?  It is a FOD issue for us.  Also our brooms are shedding full poly segments during snow removal operations.  Does anyone have thoughts on why this is occurring and how to remedy it? Thanks       
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VASI lights for sale or part out

Hi everyone we are trying to free up some storage and have these VASI lights for anyone whom is interested in part out or in full  can be reached via email  or phone our admin people 831-768-3575  located watsonville CA 95076 
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Zodiac Aerospace EMAS Production Ending

Just in case anyone missed it, Zodiac Aerospace is ending production of their existing EMAS product.  It was in last month, but reposting here as well. I am hearing that there is supposed to be a FAA webinar this Friday regarding this issue.   
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UAS Operations

I have a quick question, has any airport concerned the use of drones on their airport. For taking pictures for grants, development, inspections (not daily) or any way?  I have been thinking about using them in lieu of aerial photography of the airport and for part 77 inspections.  If anyone is using them please let me know and please email me any policies you may have.  Thank you,  Glen
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