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UAS Operations

I have a quick question, has any airport concerned the use of drones on their airport. For taking pictures for grants, development, inspections (not daily) or any way?  I have been thinking about using them in lieu of aerial photography of the airport and for part 77 inspections.  If anyone is using them please let me know and please email me any policies you may have.  Thank you,  Glen
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Crous/Hinds parts suppliers

Hello all, Does anyone have a good supplier of Crouse/Hinds-Eaton in ground pavement light suppliers other than Eaton themselves? Thank you for any input.
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Helicopter Training at your Airport

Hi, Everyone: I am looking to poll other airports that have a helicopter training school or function at your Airport.  I recently banned practice autorotation skid landing on my movement area.  If you are not familiar with this practice, it is a FAA required test of a student helicopter pilot's ability to do an emergency landing from a relatively low altitude.  I have found gouges and deep skid marks on the asphalt pavement surface where...
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Self-Service Fuel at Corporate Hangar

I expect this to be an ongoing discussion. What regulations cover Self-Service Fueling at Corporate Hangars? More specifically, the fuel systems that are attached to individual hangars?
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Runway Lighted X's

Hello from FLL!! We looking for a general opinion from yall about Lighted X's and which typoes do you use. We currently have 4 of these and are looking for something maybe more compact and more portable. These are older and starting to be rundown. Possibly with LED's Thanks.
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