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Hi-Lite New Airfield Maintenance Service

Hi-Lite is proud to announce their new service Airfield Maintenance Services (AMS) Follow this link and find out more 
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Sightline wants to help you pass your 139 Inspections

Pass Without Discrepancies Every year, your annual Part 139 Inspection quickly approaches, and every year, your mission is to pass with zero discrepancies.  You're checking and double checking off all of the defined standards laid out in the advisory circulars and your ACM.  When you identify things out of compliance, they are corrected to meet the standards. Determining the condition of your pavement markings is tougher.  There are no defined standards for maintenance, so how...
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e Work Orders

We are always looking for a better more efficient way to conduct our jobs. One way is through the use of technology. Who doesn’t use a cell phone or tablet? Paper reports and work orders are technology of the past. The next wave of electronic reports and work orders…      Here is a case study about the implementation of eWorkOrders at Columbia Airport Click here - Case Study - Columbia Airport 
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Hi-Lite Global Limited No matter where they are in the world, airports are one of the driving forces behind any region’s economic success. Due to the phenomenal growth in air traffic worldwide year after year, the importance of air transport to the global economy has increased dramatically. For a region to flourish, it must have an accomplished, progressive, safe and successful airport supported by well-maintained infrastructure. Hi-Lite Global Limited, the leading airport markings and maintenance...
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