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FAA Bulletins

Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) are inherently different from manned aircraft. Introducing UAS into the nation's airspace is challenging for both the FAA and aviation community, because the U.S. has the busiest, most complex airspace in the world. The FAA is taking an incremental approach to safe UAS integration. UAS come in a variety of shapes and sizes and serve diverse purposes. Regardless of size, the responsibility to fly safely applies equally to manned and unmanned aircraft operations. The FAA is partnering with several industry associations to...
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FAA Hangar Policy

Big news!  FAA has issued a proposed policy concerning non-aeronautical use of hangars.  See it here: Comment period ends Sept 5.  I, for one, welcome some concrete guidance from FAA on this, it's been a big issue for me and I'm sure others on this board.
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SMS software is now eligible for AIP funding

I was told about this guidance letter issued 1 Aug 2013 and thought I would share with everyone. If anyone has started this let me know, curious on what your program managers are saying.  Thanks,  Glen
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National Part 139 CertAlert 12-06

I ran across this CertAlert and figured I would share. It's was dated in September 2012 and I'm sure a cert-inspector will ask if you had incorporated these suggestion. Ground Vehicle Operations on Airports -- Increase in the Numbers of Vehicle/Pedestrian Deviations (V/PDs) and Runway Incursions (RIs) in the Last Two Quarters of FY 2012    
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Runway Closure LOA

We've just been advised by our tower manager that the FAA is going to require a LOA between the ATCT and the Airport specifying the procedures for closing a runway. Does anyone already have such a letter they can share with me?  This is the link to the FAA Order: Thank you, SK
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Reissue: Great Lakes Region Airport Certification Information Bulletin (ACIB) 11-13 Special Instructions & Inspections Following Accident/Incidents

  With the excessive temperatures in most parts of the country, the Great Lakes Safety Standards team reminds you of the need for special inspections and oversight during these unusual meteorological conditions.  This is a reminder to review ACIB 11-13, which contains information on special inspections related to weather.  Please review and disseminate this information.   This didn't happen on a runway but you can see the effects heat has on asphalt.  
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Southern Region CertAlerts SO - 12-05

Hurricane season is almost here: Here is the link to Southern Region CertAlert SO-12-05 Reporting Hurricane Field Condition NOAA predicts a near-normal 2012 Atlantic hurricane season Conditions in the atmosphere and the ocean favor a near-normal hurricane season in the Atlantic Basin this season, NOAA announced today from Miami at its Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory, and home to the Hurricane Research Division. For the entire six-month season, which begins June 1, NOAA’s Climate Prediction...
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Practices and Reminders for Painting Surface Painted Holding Position Signs (SPHPS)

  FAA Advisory Circular (AC) 150/5340-1K required Part 139 airports with two or more runways to install SurfacePainted Holding Position Signs no later than December 31, 2011. Part 139 airports with only one runway must installthese markings by September 2012. Southern Region has released a CertAlert SO-12-04
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NOTAM Transition

This CertAlert provides information and procedures to airport operators where itrelates to:a.Background on Federal NOTAM System (FNS) Modernizationb.Effective date and requirements for e-NOTAM transitionc.Action for current users of e-NOTAM systemd.Action for new ENII account recipientse.Action for operators calling Flight Service Station to transmit NOTAMs On May 1, 2012, Lockheed Martin’s (LM) e-NOTAM Portal will transition to the FAA’s ENII system. ENII requires aunique email address that utilizes the user name to access the system. NOTAM...
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Airport Tarmac Delay Contingency Plans

The FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 requires covered U.S. carriers and U.S. airports to submit to the Secretary of Transportation for review and approval tarmac delay contingency plans on or before May 14, 2012. The U.S. Department of Transportation's Office of Aviation Enforcement and Proceedings (Enforcement Office) will be establishing an electronic submission system to enable covered airlines and airports to submit the required plans through the World Wide Web. The Enforcement Office...
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90/10 ACIP Split - Letter

Has anyone received an official letter from the FAA regarding the proposed FAA 90% / Sponsor & State 10% split for future FAA projects?  If so please post or email to Thanks in advance...    
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Lack of CIP Funds

In the Southwest Region letter like this is have been sent out to airports. We are being told to adjust our Capital Improvement Plan, because there is no longer the funds available to fund these projects. I was wondering how many other airports have received this letter and what are you doing to adjust your CIP. Letter to Adjust CIP
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AIRPORT CERTIFICATION INFORMATION BULLETIN Eastern RegionFederal Aviation AdministrationAirports Division, AEA-620Safety & Standards Branch1 Aviation Plaza,Jamaica NY 11434 AEA-10-119/30/11Bulletin: 2011-10 Subject: Snow and Ice Control PlanIssue Date: September 29, 2011Revised Date:Prepared by: Evelyn Martinez & Frank LopranoPhone: 718-553-3348/ 718-553-2543 Contact: Please contact your assigned Airport Certification Safety Inspector with furtherquestions. Application: This bulletin is being sent to Part 139 Airport Certificate holders to providea sample Snow and Ice Control Plan Template (SICP) and review checklist. Background:...
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Southwest Region Bulletin 2011-012

    Here is the FAA Southwest Region Bulletin 2011-012 "Summary of Changes to FAA Marking and Sign Standards"         There are a few changes, that require the marking to be repainted with in 2 years. If you have questions contact   
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Southwest Region Bulletin 2011-011

Here is the Southwest region Bulletin 2011-11 "Repainting SPHPS and NOTAMS"  
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