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Pesticides in the Safety Area

What pesticides have you all been using in the Safety Area? Have you seen an uptick in birds feeding on the dead bugs? Have the birds themselves been poisioned?   Jim Smith
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BASH Opportunities

Michael Baker is hiring for Wildlife Managers in Balad, Iraq. If interested please send updated resume to, below is the job description:   Summary of Essential Job Functions: The Airfield Wildlife Manager conducts active and passive wildlife control techniques to reduce the threat of bird and wildlife strikes to aircraft from wildlife in and around the airfield.     Roles and Responsibilities The Airfield Wildlife Manager employs techniques to mitigate wildlife strikes, varying in cost and effectiveness depending...
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Wildlife Propane Cannons - Zon Mark IV

how do you properly utilize your cannons in order to make sure they are not firing and influencing a bird to fly into an aircraft on the roll or landing? Also, how far away do you usual place the cannons from the safety area? Do you use any type of rotating tripod so the device can rotate?  
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Propane Cannons

Does anyone have any information about the most effective propane cannons or WL cannon accessories. Get back to me when you can. The links for most popular are located below, but it is tough finding any reviews. Thanks.
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Wildlife Dog

Does anyone have an airport dog that they use for wildlife and would be willing to share some information? Thank you!
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Interesting situation

Yesterday we had a first.  We had a hunter set up a blind and decoys just outside of our perimeter fence on some adjacent ag land.  Our concerns were obvious, drawing in geese to his hunting spots not to mention the possibility of him shooting over our fence and the airfield.  Fortunately I was able to talk to him and convince him to find a more suitable location for his efforts, but the question remained...
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Redesigned website...

FYI: The Bird Strike Committee USA has updated their website.
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Birds terminal Roof top

Hey all We have been having difficulties in controling the Dove and Pigeon population on the roof of the terminal building.I just wnated to know if anyone has ever used a system called BirdBuffer.This system uses a fogging apparatus  that relaeses a fog derived from grapes that disuades birds from occuping a designated area.I would like to know if it works and if it was a cost effective meathod to use.My second and main concern would...
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A welcome sight

I am incredibly pleased to see this topic get it's own "tab". A huge thank you to Glen for making this happen.
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Dang if you Do and Dang if you Don't

Wildlife management is top of the list for all airports, and being pushed by all Airport Cert Inspectors. Even before the Miracle on the Hudson, airports were required to manage the wildlife and if you didn’t I promise you the local news would be reporting on what you didn’t do to reduce the wildlife. So, airports do more and more to reduce the hazard (that we are mandated to comply with). But then, the local...
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