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Dear Fellow Operators,

Currently this site works like the other popluar network sites, where you have to request and accept friends. We are working on not making that a requirement. The point of the site is to share information freely. Until I can get this issue correct please request and accept each other.

Thank you -Glen-

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Dear Fellow Operators:


A friend of mine is looking for a new airport to work at; his current airport is reducing the size of the department. If anyone has an opening for a part 139 inspector, please contact me and I will pass along your information to him. He is willing to relocate.


Thank you,


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Well Hot Springs is back in the commercial airline business. In June 2008, Mesa Airlines stopped flying out of Hot Springs. Since we are an EAS airport, the government went out for bids to replace Mesa. The first round gave us an airline called Mesaba, soon after winning the bid they quickly declined due to the country’s economic problems. Therefore, the government went back out for bids. This time Seaport Airlines won the bid, after a long delay they started commercial service October 26, 2009. They operate a nine passenger PC-12 Pilatus, the good thing about a 9 passenger aircraft is NO TSA. They fly to Memphis and back three times a day.  We are looking forward to Seaport’s operation and hope them the best.




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