My Airport Operations

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My Airport Operations

Created out of necessity to find help with issues with running a part 139 airport. My Airport has grown into a professional networking site for airport personnel, general aviation and part 139 airports from around the world asking questions and sharing experiences. My Airport Operations is continuing to grown aColtennd assist airport personnel."

The site works like other social networks, you create a profile then personalize your site. I encourage all members to display pictures of your airport and anything that interest you. Brag about your airport and what you do, it is where you spend more of your day. 

Once you have your profile explore the "Tabs"

See if other members are having the same issue you have had or are having and post your own questions.The site is designed for airport to share ideas and provide mutual assistants. 
Thank you for visiting the site and I hope you become a member. The more members we have the better the site will become.
Look forward to visiting with you,

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