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Comments - Night Mowing

Cornell Univerisity did a study many ears ago about birds and runways.  If you cut the grass to 8-10 inches in the field areas and shorter around edge lighting, birds do not like to land in grasses that they think a pretator might be hiding, and mowing at night greatly reduces runway incursions- plus a lot cooler to work:)

We've been mowing at night for serveral years.

There has been no decrease in bird activity due to the night mowing, however mowing at night means zero birds following the mowers in the safety areas.

Occasionally TWY lights are knocked over and grass clumps left on TWYs are not seen so they're not swept off.

It is not as hot at night and we can mow in the RWY safety areas without attracting birds. Also, with ATCT closed 0000L-0600L there is someone on the airfield who could see and report an emergency.

All of our safety area mowing is done at night

No noticeable decrease, as we've always done this

It's dark, stuff gets hit by the mowers, even with massive LED light bars all over the tractors.

we get the keep the runways open and DL happy

We have a anaual mowing regiment during the wet season down here and we cut 5 days a week. the bird issues are still going strong. No decrease or increase. No real issues so far except for the obvious which is lighting;  and the benefits are getting around the runway and taxiway that the dayshift cannot get. Plus its safer for the operators to work out at night. 

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