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Surplus For Sale

Just trying to free up our storage areas. If interested make us an offer. If you can use it, we can deal. We are in a rather remote location in Eastern Montana. If you you know someone that could use this stuff for art projects or airport use please pass along.  Email:    
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Mods to Standard in ACM

Has anyone ever heard of or seen verbiage anywhere requiring the inclusion of modifications to standard in the ACM? Looking through the ACM advisory circular, I think it vaguely eludes to this in section 204-b (exemptions). But I have not been able to find any clear statement requiring mods to standard in the ACM.   Asking because a state transportation (not FAA) inspector who recently visited our airport seemed to believe this is the case. Not trying to...
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Snow Removal Equipment

We have several pieces of snow removal equipment available at Below are the links to the equipment.        
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CM Test for 2017

Hi everyone, so I am looking for some study materials for the CM test.  My question is I have all of the modules but AAAE does not offer any sort of practice sample tests or test study materials besides the modules.  I see flashcards for the 2016 version but I dont see anything for the 2017 version..  Can anyone get me in the right direction for some practice test materials?  Thanks in advance!
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Reflective Light Markers

We are looking at adding reflective light markers to our runway edge lights to use during the snow season. Do any other airports use them? Do you have a brand you recommend?  I can't find any specific documentation from the FAA that says they cannot be used. 
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ASC/Operations Supervisor

Idaho Falls Regional Airport is now accepting applications for the position of Airport Security Coordinator/Operations Supervisor.  Job description and salary range can be found at      
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Rates and Charges

Hi all, I'm categorizing this as 139 only because other categories seemed just as inapplicable. We are trying to put together rates and charges for our airport as we are becoming bogged down with requests/issues because we are not charging for the services, (e.g. escorting, flat tire aircraft towing). We want to be fair and follow at least a broad community standard (with the full understanding that there will always be some differences for supply...
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Snow and Ice Plan

I need a little help, I need to revise my snow and ice plan. What I need is help from the southern airport that doesn't have lots of snow or ice. How do you comply with this requirement when you don't have the equipment.   Please if you can share your plan email me a copy and thank you so much for all your help.   Thank you,  Glen 
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Water in Safety Areas

Here at Lake Charles Regional LCH we experienced heavy rain for Hurricane Harvey but were spared of any catastrophic flooding. On Monday we had unrelenting rainfall which caused flooding on the airfield and was getting close the our secondary R/W. Is there any actions that should be taken if water is present in the safety area? We are not talking about puddles of water in a low area, I am talking about complete inundation of...
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Communition platform Ops and Maintenance

Hello from JAX,   I was wondering what other airports are using for local communication between maintenance crews, custodial, and Operations?  Right now we are using a Push to Talk system that is failing miserably.  I love the concept of the PTT platform but a set of batman radios from Walmart would work better at this point.  We are leaning towards typical LOS radios, but there are some good and bad with those as well. ...
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FAA Grant Management

Hello all-  I recently started a new job at a GA airport and have taken over grant management. Currently, the airport uses multiple spreadsheets to manage the grant projects (i.e. invoices) to make sure the tally up to the requested amount. However, I find it a bit messy as I am trying to close out one of the open grants. I am wondering if anyone here has a clean and well-organized way of managing their grants...
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Fungicide for RWY Markings?

So we've got a bit of mildew/algae on some of our RWY markings, and we're 2-3 years out from a RWY rehab. As old as the markings are, I'd prefer to not use anything too abrasive (brushes, pressure washers, etc.) to clean them. So does anyone know of any fungicide that works well enough to remove algae just by spraying it on and hosing it off, or possibly just letting the rain wash it off?...
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Traffic Pattern Indicator

Need to replace the translucent corrugated panels at our traffic pattern indicator. These panels are backlit for nighttime visibility.      Is there a FAA spec for these panels? I looked thru the ACs and couldn't find anything.      
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Road and Airfield Sweepers

Looking to see what types of Sweeper trucks everybody uses. Currently we operate Johnson VT600 and VT650. We are having issues with the main or center broom on the truck coning and wearing out within two weeks and the side or gutter brooms lasting about a Month. Our Inhouse Mechanic tells us both brooms should last at least a month. We are up for replacementr/rebid of equipment and looking for opinions. Thanks in advanced. 
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Night Mowing

Has any one here recently begun a night mowing regime?  Have you seen a decrease in bird activity after you started? What are some problematic issues you have found? What have been the benefits?
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Pesticides in the Safety Area

What pesticides have you all been using in the Safety Area? Have you seen an uptick in birds feeding on the dead bugs? Have the birds themselves been poisioned?   Jim Smith
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SFO Symposium | Aug 15-17

  MAO members get discounted registration. Send me a message, I'll send you a discount code. Mike Speidel Sightline
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Most Common Part 139 Discrepancies

As published in our latest online newsletter, The Re:Mark, Most Common Part 139 Discrepancies In June, I had the privilege of sharing a microphone at the FAA Western Pacific Region's 8th Annual Conference with two of my favorite FAA Airport Certification Safety Inspectors, Steve Oetzell and George Aiken. Naturally, the focus of our discussion was airfield markings and more specifically, the persistent challenge they represent to the industry. While I thought our joint presentation was...
Poll Have you ever received a discrepany for marking? Vote now!
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Changes to the Part 139 Pre-Inspection Checklist

As we get into Part 139 inspection season, we recently got our pre-inspection checklist from our inspector. What used to be a single page form is now five pages long with significant changes. Not sure if anyone has seen this yet, but here are some of the major changes: 1. There needs to be documentation of a testing and maintenance program for airport lighting standby generators. 2. You need to provide the inspector with a...
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AIP Funding

If we procure continuous friction measurement equipment (CFME) using AIP funding, are we obligated to use it in the assessment of pavement conditions during winter operations?
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