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Fungicide for RWY Markings?

So we've got a bit of mildew/algae on some of our RWY markings, and we're 2-3 years out from a RWY rehab. As old as the markings are, I'd prefer to not use anything too abrasive (brushes, pressure washers, etc.) to clean them. So does anyone know of any fungicide that works well enough to remove algae just by spraying it on and hosing it off, or possibly just letting the rain wash it off?...
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Traffic Pattern Indicator

Need to replace the translucent corrugated panels at our traffic pattern indicator. These panels are backlit for nighttime visibility.      Is there a FAA spec for these panels? I looked thru the ACs and couldn't find anything.      
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Road and Airfield Sweepers

Looking to see what types of Sweeper trucks everybody uses. Currently we operate Johnson VT600 and VT650. We are having issues with the main or center broom on the truck coning and wearing out within two weeks and the side or gutter brooms lasting about a Month. Our Inhouse Mechanic tells us both brooms should last at least a month. We are up for replacementr/rebid of equipment and looking for opinions. Thanks in advanced. 
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Night Mowing

Has any one here recently begun a night mowing regime?  Have you seen a decrease in bird activity after you started? What are some problematic issues you have found? What have been the benefits?
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Pesticides in the Safety Area

What pesticides have you all been using in the Safety Area? Have you seen an uptick in birds feeding on the dead bugs? Have the birds themselves been poisioned?   Jim Smith
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SFO Symposium | Aug 15-17

  MAO members get discounted registration. Send me a message, I'll send you a discount code. Mike Speidel Sightline
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Most Common Part 139 Discrepancies

As published in our latest online newsletter, The Re:Mark, Most Common Part 139 Discrepancies In June, I had the privilege of sharing a microphone at the FAA Western Pacific Region's 8th Annual Conference with two of my favorite FAA Airport Certification Safety Inspectors, Steve Oetzell and George Aiken. Naturally, the focus of our discussion was airfield markings and more specifically, the persistent challenge they represent to the industry. While I thought our joint presentation was...
Poll Have you ever received a discrepany for marking? Vote now!
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Changes to the Part 139 Pre-Inspection Checklist

As we get into Part 139 inspection season, we recently got our pre-inspection checklist from our inspector. What used to be a single page form is now five pages long with significant changes. Not sure if anyone has seen this yet, but here are some of the major changes: 1. There needs to be documentation of a testing and maintenance program for airport lighting standby generators. 2. You need to provide the inspector with a...
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AIP Funding

If we procure continuous friction measurement equipment (CFME) using AIP funding, are we obligated to use it in the assessment of pavement conditions during winter operations?
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FOD part identification help

Has anyone ever found similar parts before on your airfield and, if so, can you help identify what they belong to? See attached images below. They range in size from 1/2" long to 1" long and about 1/2" tall.  Some of the parts in the image have been damaged.  Any ideas will be appreciated.  I have made inquiries with aircraft mechanics and airfield maintenance mechanics.  I have had no luck identifying these parts yet. Thanks!  Dave Moreau, Ops Memphis          ...
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Snow/Winter NOTAM grouping

I'd like to hear how other airports group and issue their snow NOTAMS through NOTAM Mananger. My superiors think there should be as few NOTAMs as possible during snow ops, meaning there can sometimes be groups with 8-10 taxiways. But this becomes extremely time consuming when updating conditions. For example if I have a group with TWYs A, A1, A3, A4, A5, A6, M, P, with 1/2 dry snow and just M is swept and...
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TWY reflectors vs TWY lights

We have a few places on our airfield where we have TWY reflectors instead of lights and I understand that this is still in compliance. Question is that It is ok to have TWY reflectors showing the edges of a taxiway but a sign in the same area must be illuminated at night? What is the difference? They are both reflective
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Reflective signs vs illuminated signs

We have a few signs on our airfield that are reflective but not illuminated (End of Taxiway Sign) but we also have the same signs on other parts of the airfield that are lit. Question is why are some places on the airfield these signs are required to be lit but on other places they are not.   139.311   Marking, signs, and lighting. (a) Marking. Each certificate holder must provide and maintain marking systems for air carrier operations...
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Sign Pad Specs?

I'll keep it short.  Is there any guidance anywhere that tells us how to construct a rigid pavement (concrete) sign pad? Obviously the sign pad has to be constructed so as to allow for drainage, and not create FAR 139 safety area discrepancies like lips, erosion, etc. In my last post regarding Engineering Brief 89, we do have 2 out of 8 signs affected that will require adding a sign module to fit the new...
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Cable Runway Arrestors

The Blue Angels are asking for establishing a temporary landing cable system  on a concrete paved runway. Do other commercial service airports allow this and what are the potential problem issues with this?  
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Cell Phone Policy

Does any one have a written cell phone policy for their AOA?
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Taxiway Names and Engineering Brief 89

Well, they finally caught up to us here at KDEN! When this airport was designed back in the 80's, there wasn't much guidance on how to name your taxiways other than pretty much use the alphabet and don't confuse the pilots. This guidance improved over the years unitl they dropped Engineering Brief (EB) 89 on us back in 2012.  Pretty specific and really tightened up the rules on how to name your taxiway system.  We have...
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Testing locations ACE OPS

Hello,  I have been studying door the ace ops test,  and was curious if anybody knows of testing locations in the Washington state area? I have been asking around at the sorry I currently work, and folks seem to be a bit tight lipped about it for for reason. If anyone has any info, it would be much appreciated.
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NIMS, Airport Emergency Plan

We are in the process of incorporating NIMS into our Airport Emergency Plan.  Was just wondering if anyone has recently done this and looking for some guidance on where to start.   
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