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Inspecting Approach Lights

On your inspection do you check the Runway Approach lights on every lighting inspection? Does your inspector require this? I have worked at a number of major airports and never had to do this.
Poll Are you required to check the Approach lights on your inspection Vote now!
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Front Brooms - Snow Removal

Anyone that uses front mount brooms for snow removal do you have problems with the wire and poly bristles breaking off?  It is a FOD issue for us.  Also our brooms are shedding full poly segments during snow removal operations.  Does anyone have thoughts on why this is occurring and how to remedy it? Thanks       
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VASI lights for sale or part out

Hi everyone we are trying to free up some storage and have these VASI lights for anyone whom is interested in part out or in full  can be reached via email  or phone our admin people 831-768-3575  located watsonville CA 95076 
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Zodiac Aerospace EMAS Production Ending

Just in case anyone missed it, Zodiac Aerospace is ending production of their existing EMAS product.  It was in last month, but reposting here as well. I am hearing that there is supposed to be a FAA webinar this Friday regarding this issue.   
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UAS Operations

I have a quick question, has any airport concerned the use of drones on their airport. For taking pictures for grants, development, inspections (not daily) or any way?  I have been thinking about using them in lieu of aerial photography of the airport and for part 77 inspections.  If anyone is using them please let me know and please email me any policies you may have.  Thank you,  Glen
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Crous/Hinds parts suppliers

Hello all, Does anyone have a good supplier of Crouse/Hinds-Eaton in ground pavement light suppliers other than Eaton themselves? Thank you for any input.
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Helicopter Training at your Airport

Hi, Everyone: I am looking to poll other airports that have a helicopter training school or function at your Airport.  I recently banned practice autorotation skid landing on my movement area.  If you are not familiar with this practice, it is a FAA required test of a student helicopter pilot's ability to do an emergency landing from a relatively low altitude.  I have found gouges and deep skid marks on the asphalt pavement surface where...
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Self-Service Fuel at Corporate Hangar

I expect this to be an ongoing discussion. What regulations cover Self-Service Fueling at Corporate Hangars? More specifically, the fuel systems that are attached to individual hangars?
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Runway Lighted X's

Hello from FLL!! We looking for a general opinion from yall about Lighted X's and which typoes do you use. We currently have 4 of these and are looking for something maybe more compact and more portable. These are older and starting to be rundown. Possibly with LED's Thanks.
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Tech Stop

Would like input or information dealing with a Tech Stops and Customs and Boarder Patrol.  Simply can tech stops operations be allowed for international flights coming to the US with out clearing CBP.
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VPD Policy/Consequences

Good Evening, I am looking to expand and further develop our policies and procedures anytime there is a VPD occurrence on the airfield. I would like to hear what other airports are doing with regard to this type of incident and if you would be willing to share any of your procedures for response and action. Anything would be helpful. Thanks in advance!
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Hello everyone. We are looking to improve our inspection program for our fuel trucks, fuel carts and fuel farm facilities. I have heard that some great specfic software programs have been developed and approved by FAA for use that can be used with ipad and have barcoding and photo capablities that allow the user to identify the violations and load them right into the inspection program. I would like to hear from any PART 139 certificated airport users that have and...
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Deice Chemicals on Runways - When to Apply Liquid vs Solid

Hello. Does anyone have a reference chart or guide to help their staff determine when to apply liquid and/or solid deice chemicals to runways? For example: If the forecast predicts freezing rain, and the temperature is (x), then apply liquid deice/anti-ice chemical (x) minutes prior to anticipated start of precipitation.  Currently, we use Potassium Acetate (Liquid) and Sodium Formate (Solid), sometimes with sand.  Thank you.  
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Supertugs on Movement Area

How do other airports handle supertugs? Do you treat them as taxiing aircraft? What about when the weather goes down?
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Surplus For Sale

Just trying to free up our storage areas. If interested make us an offer. If you can use it, we can deal. We are in a rather remote location in Eastern Montana. If you you know someone that could use this stuff for art projects or airport use please pass along.  Email:    
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Mods to Standard in ACM

Has anyone ever heard of or seen verbiage anywhere requiring the inclusion of modifications to standard in the ACM? Looking through the ACM advisory circular, I think it vaguely eludes to this in section 204-b (exemptions). But I have not been able to find any clear statement requiring mods to standard in the ACM.   Asking because a state transportation (not FAA) inspector who recently visited our airport seemed to believe this is the case. Not trying to...
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Snow Removal Equipment

We have several pieces of snow removal equipment available at Below are the links to the equipment.        
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CM Test for 2017

Hi everyone, so I am looking for some study materials for the CM test.  My question is I have all of the modules but AAAE does not offer any sort of practice sample tests or test study materials besides the modules.  I see flashcards for the 2016 version but I dont see anything for the 2017 version..  Can anyone get me in the right direction for some practice test materials?  Thanks in advance!
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Reflective Light Markers

We are looking at adding reflective light markers to our runway edge lights to use during the snow season. Do any other airports use them? Do you have a brand you recommend?  I can't find any specific documentation from the FAA that says they cannot be used. 
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ASC/Operations Supervisor

Idaho Falls Regional Airport is now accepting applications for the position of Airport Security Coordinator/Operations Supervisor.  Job description and salary range can be found at      
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