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  • PART 139 ISSUES: ARFF Ringdown Systems

    Hi Folks, I'm looking to replace our older ARFF ring-down system with an IP-based communications system.  We currently have dedicated POTS lines and are paying a king's ransom each month to AT&T.  Our current system is...

  • PART 139 ISSUES: ARFF Ancillary Equipment

    Sorry to post this in the "139 Issues" section as this more pertains to AIP funded ARFF equipment, but I am trying to find some information regarding what equipment NOT required for 139 compliance might...

  • PART 139 ISSUES: ARFF Grants

    Some federal grants are available to ARFF departments but only if they have a mutual agreement to respond outside the fence. Our airport authority does not have any agreements to respond outside the fence. Does...

  • PART 139 ISSUES: ARFF Survey

    Due to the mission change of the Air National Guard, we will be taking over ARFF operations at our airport.  I have developed a brief survey that will be beneficial to our planning process.  If...

  • PART 139 ISSUES: ARFF/Emergency response at 139

    Has anyone experienced an emergency at a part 139 airport as an operations officer? How did emergency training help you handle that situation? What situation was it? I have received CPR/AED and First Aid but...

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