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Part 139 medical training

  • October 25, 2012
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We ar a Class IV Part 139 Limited airport, Our Operations personnel are also our ARFF staff. I am wondering what everyone is doing to meet Part 139 medical training requirements. First responders, EMT-B, or something else?

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EAUCS,  If you are a part 139 airport...You are hangin out there and that means realtive to safety & part 139....if you do not have the LOA and the off airport ArfF then how are you meeting the medical training requirment with part 139? If ou are indicating you have no inhouse medical trainng and you have no LOA...then you have no compliance..;-)  How do you know there is a qualified medical trained firefighter on each shift and what if he/she is on another run when you need the very service?  You better call hyour FAA office and talk with someone who knows part 139...the LOA in your case, if part 139, is required not a request....when Pete said that's how he worked it out...what he meant was that is how he complied with part his former airport.

Just an LOA with the local FD was how it worked at my former airport.

We have the same situation and our ARFF/Maint/Ops personnel do not receive medical training. It is provided by our off airport City fire department. It does help that they have a station directly adjacent to the airport. Has your cert inspector requested/required you to have an LOA with the off airport medical responding agency? Ours has not required it but it is a recommendation almost every year. I'm resistant as it is one more thing to keep track of and we are in the City limits so the City is required to respond anyway.

Thanks for all the input. I was an EMT-B but with all the other training it was let go and I became a first responder. Finding first responder classes is difficult in our area. We're looking at ways to overcome this. I think we must need to check with our new cert inspector and see what our options are. Glad we're not the only one; Maintenance, Operations, ARFF, Security, etc. That's us! 

It's not with the approval of your cert inspector, it is an airports option to use off-site ambulance or Emt in order to meet the part 139....u need to check up on the new part 139, there is no limited are a class iv, that's it....

For smaller airports with limited staff that fill multiple roles, like ours, it would be difficult to get staff to dedicate the time for EMT-B.  For that I am grateful that the FAA allows off-airport resources to help meet this requirement.  Our small staff fills all operations, maintenance, and ARFF roles;  to add another mandatory, time intensive and difficult training, would be hard.

The intent of the medical requirement in Part 139 was for the person to meet the first Responder program put out by the Department of Transportation (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration).  Personnel from off the airport is an acceptable way of handling this requirement provided that they can respond in a reasonable time.  


First Responder meets the minimum requirements of 139 but if you have the time and budget I would recommend EMT-B for at least some of the staff.  It is a higher standard with more accountability and recurrent training requirements.  The class is no "gimme", students must be dedicated and prepared to put in real effort but it is worth it.

With the approval of our cert inspector, we are allowed to have our local, off airport, law enforcement serve as our first responders for the medical requirement.  Our Ops/Maint/ARFF staff receive very basic first aid and CPR training.

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