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Helicopter Training at your Airport

  • February 22, 2018
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Hi, Everyone:

I am looking to poll other airports that have a helicopter training school or function at your Airport.  I recently banned practice autorotation skid landing on my movement area.  If you are not familiar with this practice, it is a FAA required test of a student helicopter pilot's ability to do an emergency landing from a relatively low altitude.  I have found gouges and deep skid marks on the asphalt pavement surface where these landings a being conducted.  I consider them damaging to the surface. With the FAA push for the Airports to protect and preserve their pavement or risk no future FAA funding to replace pavement that has been either neglected or abused, I feel that the helicopter operators need to practice these on the grass or dirt, but not on my movement area pavement.

The helicopter operators tell me that they only know of two airports that have banned this practice.  I believe that there are many more.  Please let me know if your airport has addressed this issue and what the results were.  Thanks in advance.

Bryant GARRETT, Airports Manager

City of Redding, California - Airports Division

(530) 215-9212

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We have a lot of tour helicopter activity here at LIH and none of them use the runway. They all use the grass adjacent to the runway.


We don't have a training school, but our local med helicopter occasionally comes out to the airport for training flights.  The scratches we've seen have been mostly cosmetic in nature, with no lasting damage to the asphalt.

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