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I've been a private pilot since 2000. I also spent...

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On: VPD Policy/Consequences (Post)

You are absolutely right, sir. At present, this policy will...

On: VPD Policy/Consequences (Post)

I like the NOV approach and have used it in...

On: VPD Policy/Consequences (Post)

Thank you, sir. I have already met with both legal...

On: Cell Phone Policy (Post)

Those of you who sent policies, would I be able...

On: CM Test for 2017 (Post)

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VPD Policy/Consequences

Good Evening, I am looking to expand and further develop our policies and procedures anytime there is a VPD occurrence on the airfield. I would like to hear what other airports are doing with regard to this type of incident and if you would be willing to share any of your procedures for response and action. Anything would be helpful. Thanks in advance!
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