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VPD Policy/Consequences

  • January 31, 2018
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Good Evening,

I am looking to expand and further develop our policies and procedures anytime there is a VPD occurrence on the airfield. I would like to hear what other airports are doing with regard to this type of incident and if you would be willing to share any of your procedures for response and action. Anything would be helpful. Thanks in advance!

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You are absolutely right, sir. At present, this policy will be geared toward city employees and persons under contract for the city. I much prefer for tenants to sort out their own issues while the airport addresses safety concerns broadly through the ACM and Ramp Drivers Handbook. Thanks again for your input!

bbrownPMW, Yep, if it is through the ACM, you have some extra horsepower for airport employess, but need to be careful how the airport addresses the other tenants, FOB, etc.  It is much easier to implement a program utilizing the SIDA badge and driving authorization, for consequences of noncompliance than for the other tenants at the the airport  Be Safe!!


I like the NOV approach and have used it in the past at other airports along with fines. We have the ability to suspend and terminate through our ACM, but I believe the process could use some development. I appreciate your input!

We have a notice of violation system that includes issuance of fines for V/PDs, along with the ability to remove driving privileges and/or badge suspension/termination. 

Thank you, sir. I have already met with both legal and labor relations in an effort to facilitate this change. I believe we would benefit from an enhanced step-style disciplinary action procedure in addition to that which is in our ACM. Thank you for the insight! 


Just an FYI, please make certrain you coordinate any consequnces of non-compliance with your adminisitrative/airport operator management (legal).  Make sure the consequences are progressive and reasonable.  Re-training is not, I repeat, not a consequences of non-compliance.  Re-training should be in addition to the consequences....i.e.  suspend SIDA badge for a designated period of time and re-training. There are a number of ACs on the V/PDs you might want to review.  Be Safe!!! 





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