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Started out at KFLL then moved to KATL now back at KFLL with Airfield Maintenance

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Airside Ops at ATL - Certification and Training Lead Previously...


Hi, I work for a small commercial airport in Hot...


Acting Director, Airport Operations with the Broward County Aviation Department at the...

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On: Night Mowing (Post)

We have a anaual mowing regiment during the wet season...

On: UBER & LYFT (Post)

At KFLL we do about the same with citations and...

On: Love our new whip! Kachow! (Photo)

yall got new truck. nice. what happened to the yellow...

On: Vehicle Call Signs (Post)

At kFLL we use the jobcode and radio number hence...

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Road and Airfield Sweepers

Looking to see what types of Sweeper trucks everybody uses. Currently we operate Johnson VT600 and VT650. We are having issues with the main or center broom on the truck coning and wearing out within two weeks and the side or gutter brooms lasting about a Month. Our Inhouse Mechanic tells us both brooms should last at least a month. We are up for replacementr/rebid of equipment and looking for opinions. Thanks in advanced. 
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retractable bollards     I am wondering if any airfield uses these as backup security measures. I was driving around our perimeter and was wondering if they would actually work. 
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