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Deice Chemicals on Runways - When to Apply Liquid vs Solid

  • January 16, 2018
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Hello. Does anyone have a reference chart or guide to help their staff determine when to apply liquid and/or solid deice chemicals to runways? For example: If the forecast predicts freezing rain, and the temperature is (x), then apply liquid deice/anti-ice chemical (x) minutes prior to anticipated start of precipitation. 

Currently, we use Potassium Acetate (Liquid) and Sodium Formate (Solid), sometimes with sand. 

Thank you.


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It would be almost impossible to create a "guide" to winter operations. So many variables affect the decision making process when it comes to mitigation procedures. As already stated, it is a training and experience based process. Trial and error. Each storm is different because all of the variables are different (ambient air temp, pavement temp, precip type, etc). You can try and apply some common decision making processes to each storm but whether or not they work is another thing. The chemicals used will also play a role. Effective temperatures, amount used, etc.

Dave, your post has been on the site for some time now without a response.  I had a friend leave the FAA and became an Ops Officer at DCA.  We talked about this very topic several times and what he told me was that it was really an OJT process with his more senior Ops Officers.  There were no hard and fast rules, but it was based on the actual wx of course and the experience of the more senior Ops Officers.  I know this is not rally that helpful, but it was my experience on the subject.  Be Safe!

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