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Mods to Standard in ACM

  • November 01, 2017
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Has anyone ever heard of or seen verbiage anywhere requiring the inclusion of modifications to standard in the ACM? Looking through the ACM advisory circular, I think it vaguely eludes to this in section 204-b (exemptions). But I have not been able to find any clear statement requiring mods to standard in the ACM.


Asking because a state transportation (not FAA) inspector who recently visited our airport seemed to believe this is the case. Not trying to do more work than we need to, pretty busy as it is. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

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We do have our Mods in the ACM but not sure where the language is in the AC which requires it. Our inspector reviews the Mod enclosure every year.

CINTAS84,  If you need/require a MOD to Standard, you have to apply for one, then it is reviewed by the appropraite office in the FAA's Airports Office, usually both regional office and headquarters (AAS-300)  If the MOD is approved, then the MOD (describing the actual MOD in textual form) is incorporated in your ACM.  This way, when the inspector, federeal or state, sees something that might be contrary to standard, you just provide them with a copy of the MOD.  Exemptions are an item separate and apart from MODS

Be Safe,

It may save you some headaches with an inspector, depending on what the MOS is for. The FAA's sample ACM gives suggestions on how to incorporate it. Needs to be on the ALP.

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