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Hi, I work for a small commercial airport in Hot...

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RIC -Airport Class/Index: Class I/Index C   Annual Enplanements: CY 2012 - 1,582,000     Number...

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NOTAM to restrict diversions

KRIC experiences numerous diversions annually due to our proximity to IAD, DCA, and other airports in the northeast.  We are currently under construction, expanding the A Concourse at the airport.  As a result, our hardstand parking availability is greatly reduced and the availability of parking at other gates is significantly constrained.  We are toying with the idea of issuing a NOTAM to restrict or eliminate non-scheduled diversions to our airport.  Have any other airports issued...
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Taxiway closure barricades

When closing a taxiway for temporary maintenance, I was wondering what other airports use as a guideline for spacing the barricades?  The AC references they must be spaced smaller than the wing span of the smallest aircraft to be excluded.  It also mentions 4 feet, when spacing to exlude vehicles is a consideration.
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