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FOD part identification help

  • July 04, 2017
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Has anyone ever found similar parts before on your airfield and, if so, can you help identify what they belong to? See attached images below. They range in size from 1/2" long to 1" long and about 1/2" tall.  Some of the parts in the image have been damaged.  Any ideas will be appreciated.  I have made inquiries with aircraft mechanics and airfield maintenance mechanics.  I have had no luck identifying these parts yet.

Thanks!  Dave Moreau, Ops Memphis

created at: 07/04/2017


created at: 07/04/2017






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Thanks ccrv83ops.  We are finding them occasionally on all pavements.  Mostly movement areas.  Still not sure of origin. We have had aircraft mechanics and our equipment mechanics look them over.  No answers yet.  Will check on milling teeth though as a milling going on now.  Perhaps something from our sweeper trucks but no luck yet.  Thank you and CHD Ops for your replies and suggestions.

Did you find them near runways/taxiways/ramps.  May be parts from old type of asphalt milling equipment or other construction equipment.  (I think these may hold the milling teeth??).

Doesn't really look like aircraft parts.  I find all kinds of stuff at my airport, mostly bits of farm equipment from back in the day.

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