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durwief8's Blog

Fire Extinguisher Change?

  • June 02, 2017
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Has anyone else noticed that the 2017 version of NFPA 407 (Section 6.1.10) appears to now require two 80lbs B:C fire extinguishers per fueling vehicle? Am I missing something? 

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Thanks Downtown49! 

DURWIEF8, I checked with Marc Tonnacliff the ARFF speciallist at the FAA's Airport Safety and Operaitons Office. Apparantly, there was a miss print in the last iteration of the this NFPA 407 reporting.  The requirement is still 80lbs B.C fire extinquisher.  Be Safe!!!

Thanks SKat SRQ, that is very helpful!

It requires the fire extinguishers to be RATED at least 80-B:C. The 80-B:C refers to the size of a fire the extinguisher can extinguish. Depending on the agent, an 80-B:C extinguisher can weigh between 20 and 35 pounds.

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