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Snow and Ice Plan

  • September 07, 2017
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I need a little help, I need to revise my snow and ice plan. What I need is help from the southern airport that doesn't have lots of snow or ice. How do you comply with this requirement when you don't have the equipment.  

Please if you can share your plan email me a copy and thank you so much for all your help.  

Thank you, 


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Gabarentine,  Well, if you are really far South and you have no snow or ice you may only need a plan that indicates that big ball of fire, the Sun, will melt the snow or ice.  You should gather the wx report on snow and ice in your area for a couple of years and based on the outcome, you might determine there is no  need any additional Snow and Ice equipment at all!  If there is either contaminent, you just NOTAM the affected runways/taxiways until the Sun does it's job and then reopen once you evaluate the runwasy/taxiways.....that's your plan!  Be Safe!!!

THanks for the help! Had a fellow older airport director here in Arkansas once say his snow and ice plan is "the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away" 

I can send you an older version from one of my past airports - It just doesn't have all the RCAM information in it because we hadn't implemented it yet.  We literally had a dump truck with a 12' blade, 1 1-ton pick-up with a 8' or 10' blade and a walk-behind snow blower.

If you don't own or have access to equipment that should be noted in your plan, and procedures for closures, monitoring, and reopening should be addressed.

I'll send this over shortly.



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