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UAS Operations

  • March 06, 2018
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I have a quick question, has any airport concerned the use of drones on their airport. For taking pictures for grants, development, inspections (not daily) or any way? 

I have been thinking about using them in lieu of aerial photography of the airport and for part 77 inspections. 

If anyone is using them please let me know and please email me any policies you may have. 

Thank you, 


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Hi Glen, 

We use drones here at GTR airport. 


Here is a link for more info.

GBaaretine,  Good Morning, I checked with the FAA Manager of AAS-300 (Airport Safety & Opertions) and it appears this is primarily an (air space) issues rather than a part 139 issue.  Just to cover yorself, depending on how frequently you utilize the drone(s) you may want to enter into some type of formal/informal agreement with your local ATC.  If there were anythng ever to happen, (CYA) this may cover you and insure local ATC is onboard.  Not exactly clear on all the requirments of the Waiver, but Just a thought.  Be Safe!

There is a way I can legally operate UAS (drones) on the airfield. I have to comply with Part 107 and file waivers. According to the FAA website, anyone with purpose and FAA authorization can operate UAS on an airfield. 

I plan to use mine for hard to access areas of the airport, hangar roof inspections, wildlife monitoring, construction monitoring and aerial photography. 

Another path but much harder is Certificates of Waiver or Authorization (COA) this is for public use operations (police, fire, etc) But from what I have read it is more work to get this authorization. 

I did talk to an inspector from the FAA and they have some airports that have many UAS operations on the airport. 

I will post more when I know more. I was hoping to have an airport that has already established policies so I could "steal" ideas from them. 

Thanks for all your post 


Gabarentine,  Wow, a great idea, but isn't already an FAA policy not to fly drones near airports?  This is one that would need to be coordinated with the National FAA Airports Safety & Operations Office (AAS-300)before you venture into this arena.  IF you are a certificaed airport, this sounds like a non-starter from my experience, but it is an intriguing approach.  If you are reluctant to call AAS-300, make the call to your local Certificaiton office and ask for a determination.  Be Safe!

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