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Airport Improvement: Hi-Lite, The Next Chapter

  • March 28, 2019
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Exciting news is in your mailbox this week from Airport Improvement! In 2019, Hi-Lite celebrates 30 years in business. To mark this occasion, Hi-Lite is taking on bold new technologies to transform airfield maintenance. We are introducing Spec-Rite, the ONLY software in the world designed to manage specific maintenance obstacles for a safe and compliant airfield.


Recent changes in the FAA P-620 Specification for runway and taxiway markings have challenged airports in managing retroreflectivity and other critical elements of airfield markings. Hi-Lite has answered the challenge through a Markings Management Module within the Spec-Rite software platform. This module goes far beyond measuring just retroreflectivity, but by collecting data on 13 airfield markings characteristics that are critical for Part 139 Compliance. You know it’s right with Spec-Rite.


Learn more about Spec-Rite from Hi-Lite in the Airport Improvement advertisement or in the links below:


Download the P-620 Whitepaper


View A Spec-Rite demo


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