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Water in Safety Areas

  • September 01, 2017
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Here at Lake Charles Regional LCH we experienced heavy rain for Hurricane Harvey but were spared of any catastrophic flooding. On Monday we had unrelenting rainfall which caused flooding on the airfield and was getting close the our secondary R/W. Is there any actions that should be taken if water is present in the safety area? We are not talking about puddles of water in a low area, I am talking about complete inundation of water up to but not on the runway surface. We were monitoring the water hourly and were prepared to closed the R/W when the water breached the surface. Luckily, the weather broke and the water receded, but it got me asking questions.

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I'd just echo what they said about the NOTAM, indicating significant ponding.  NOTAM Manager doesn't have a dropdown selection to cover that, but the NOTAM hotline folks could probably assist with formating something.

I agree with Downtown 49, NOTAM and if that happened here in Hot Springs I would double check my drains and see if they are maxed out. If so and this is happening on often I would look at redesigning the drains. At least have an engineering firm see if you need to increase the size of the drains.  

We had to do something similar due to increase a ramp, causing more run off.   

JGrigus,  Glad your airport dodged the bullet or rain in this case.  One suggestion would be to issue a NOTAM as to the condition of the safety area.  This way, if any pilot thought he needed the RSA, he would have a heads up as to what to expect.  Be safe!

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