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Google Earth w/ Airport Surfaces Overlaid!!!

  • January 29, 2019
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I am sure it's not a unique situation to run across some genius that thinks it ok to boom up a crane, use a concrete pumper or create any number of potential obstruction around our airport.


I wanted to share a great way to see your surfaces and pretty much anything overlaid onto an aerial and actually be able to use it in the real world and on the airfield. with little to no cost except your time if


While trying to navigate a small budget yet wanting some ease and convenience, I figured out a way to have my airport airspace surfaces overlaid to google map relatively easily i.e. approach transitional, conical.......


I know that some of the fancy programs out there offer this feature but many of us small airports can't afford the luxury of such expensive products.


All 139 airports have a master plan and in the master plan is your approaches plotted on a map that most of the time is pretty bulky, hard to determine exact locations and unless it was just completed, out of date imagery.


with that being said, I contacted our consultant that did last master plan and asked if our airspace drawing was geolocated and if it was possible to make a .KMZ from that AutoCAD file. to my surprise the answer was YES.


That was all that I needed to see them shown in google earth. the greatest part of this was the fact that i could email and save this file to my phone and open it in the google earth app. when I opened this in the app I was pretty impressed. With playing with it i was able to create labels and descriptions that are accessible when open in the app.


My first attempt at this was trying to locate and describe some of the areas( RSA, OFA Critical Areas...) around the airfield to a contractor but they couldn’t understand because they were just imaginary lines on a page but once you see them overlaid with up to date imagery they understood


I have attached some screenshots of my ipad to describe what I was able to accomplish.


i just wanted to share and if anyone wants more info let me know.




created at: 01/29/2019



created at: 01/29/2019created at: 01/29/2019

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Thank you for sharing! 

I use this DAILY !!!!! 

Thanks for sharing.  I will be inquiring with our engineers for the same.

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