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I have over over 16 years of aviation experience. I am one of the few people that has gained my experiences through "experience"

Airport Operations Specialist

Greater Orlando Aviation Authority
August 2012 – Present  Orlando Florida

*Responsible for FAR 139 compliance
*Responsible for all activities airside both routine and emergency
*Perform daily inspections of all runways and taxiways to check for discrepencies
*Respond to all aircraft emergencies and incidents

Airport Operations Supervisor/PIT

Allegheny County Airport Authority
April 2011 – August 2012 

*Assisted in airfield, apron and terminal inspections and reported conditions to Operations office, Operations Manager in charge, other Department sections, tenants and PIT tower.
* Monitored airfield and terminal conditions with regard to maintaining a safe, efficient and orderly operation in compliance with existing regulations. 
* Maintained a daily shift log of events on airport grounds and corrective actions.
*Assisted in coordinating emergency responses to aircraft alerts, disasters and other emergencies as necessary.
* Assisted in opening and closing runways, taxiways for routine airfield maintenance, snow removal and emergencies.
* Maintained direct contact with immediate supervisory personnel in the event of emergencies, unusual situations, or serious events that might occur requiring guidance or assistance.
* Conducted inspections of airfield, off airfield buildings and other Airport property to assure safety, security and general policy guidelines are adhered to.

Helicopter Dispatcher

STAT Medevac
October 2010 – April 2011 Pittsburgh PA

* Dispatched Emergency Medical Helicopters (EC-135, EC-145) over a 4 State Region in all types of weather
* Responsible for controlling one of the busiest heliports in Southwestern Pennsylvania 
* Coordniated EMS personnel to medical scenes

Airport Operations Supervisor/ORD

Chicago O'Hare Intl Airport
November 2007 – October 2010 

* Visually inspected the condition and maintenance of airfield facilities including runways, taxiways, and ramps to ensure compliance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations 
* Updated weather and field condition reports and issued and canceled notices to airmen (NOTAMS) on airfield status 
* Prepared documentation and reports of airfield inspections and irregularities and maintained log books 
* Monitored emergency repairs made by maintenance personnel and recommended runway closings and openings as necessary 
* During emergency situations, ensured that responders complied with federal and local regulations pertaining to aircraft and airfield operations and prepares incident reports 
* Taught and revised the FAR 139.303 curriculum for the airport 
* Qualified as a Runway Inspector and Ground Security Coordinator 
* Supervised fueling of aircraft and did daily inspections to ensure compliance
* Coordinated and participated multiple times in presidential visits both foreign and domestic

Aircraft Dispatcher

Shuttle America/IND
May 2006 – November 2007 

* Monitored flight operations, recorded departure and arrival times of all flights and kept computer system up to date 
* Familiar with both Flitetrac and Sabre software 
* Established and published to all stations the aircraft routing planned for the day 
* Planned route of flight for aircraft, keeping aircraft advised of changes in weather both en route and at destination airport 
* Worked with stations to minimize delays to ensure that the operation ran on time

Aircraft Dispatcher/Airport Operations Supervisor/Certified Tower Operator/ILN

Airborne Express
January 2006 – May 2006 

* Responsible for weather observations, prepared weather briefings for pilots 
* Coordinated contingency plans and snow removal with Ground Operations 
* Ensured all flights were prepared and advised of any operational problems

Aircraft Dispatcher

Comair Airlines
January 2003 – January 2006 CVG

* Ensured each flight met all FAR 121 and Comair Operation specifications 
* Provided a flight plan and information to the flight crew regarding any 
item which may impact the safety of the aircraft or its passengers 
* Monitored flight progress, supplied weather, traffic and airport 
information as necessary 
* Approved maintenance items in accordance with aircraft, field and weather limitations

Ramp Agent/Tower agent

Delta Airlines
January 2000 – January 2003 ATL/ORD

* Loaded and unloaded all Delta and connection carrier aircraft 
* Responsible for weight and balance of aircraft 
* Aircraft lead agent supervised a crew of 4 ramp agents 
* Responsible for safely guiding aircraft into the gate area using parking system procedures


Sheffield School of Aeronautics

  • Aircraft Dispatch


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I am currently an Airport Operations Supervisor at PIT. I formerly was an Airport Operations Supervisor at ORD. I am also a certified Aircraft Dispatcher and worked the ramp for 12 years at CVG,ORD,MDW,IND,ATL and worked for Great Lakes,ATA,CO,DL,United Feeder Service


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