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CM Test for 2017

  • October 17, 2017
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Hi everyone, so I am looking for some study materials for the CM test.  My question is I have all of the modules but AAAE does not offer any sort of practice sample tests or test study materials besides the modules.  I see flashcards for the 2016 version but I dont see anything for the 2017 version..  Can anyone get me in the right direction for some practice test materials?  Thanks in advance!

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Due to AAAE code of ethics I cannot provide detail into test content. I will say, however, that the modules are a guide to your learning. There may be questions that aren't pulled directly from any of the modules in a word for word fashion. Speak with those having experience in areas you are not intimately familiar with to gain a better understanding of the processes involved in those particular areas.

I know this probably wasn't much help but study, experience and speaking with others will put you on the patch to a successful test result.

Thank you very much!


I created these quizzes during my studies. They should display the answer and explain the content for questions answered correctly upon submitting. 



I looked for the same when I was first preparing for the CM (I since have been sidetracked with other areas of learning).  It appears the AAAE keeps a tight lid on the material for the CM test, and doesn't allow much information to get out.

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