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Hi, I work for a small commercial airport in Hot...

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This is why I love this blog. No need to...

On: 139 Technology (Post)

OPSMIKE, I appreciate the response. I looked at Veoci about...

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OPSIL, Sorry I don't have an answer but I dont...

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Engine Test Cells

Dear Operators, My airport has been approached about a possible business development play involving an "engine test cell" or test cell site for turbine engines. Does anyone have experience with this, or have a similar operation at your airport? I know this is a fairly vague question, but I confess that I am not familiar with such an operations aside from what a quick Google search has provided. I'm just looking for some information to...
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139 Technology

Hi Operators, I am currently exploring computerized inspection reporting and work order management to better track trends on my airfield, in addition to all of the other advantages that come with digitizing this type of information. I have been looking at APP-139 and it looks very solid. The web demonstrations make me quite hopeful. Does anyone use this product, or another. If so, can you tell me what you have and how you like it?...
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