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Rates and Charges

  • September 29, 2017
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Hi all,

I'm categorizing this as 139 only because other categories seemed just as inapplicable.

We are trying to put together rates and charges for our airport as we are becoming bogged down with requests/issues because we are not charging for the services, (e.g. escorting, flat tire aircraft towing). We want to be fair and follow at least a broad community standard (with the full understanding that there will always be some differences for supply and demand.) Would anyone be willing to share their rates and charges so that we might have a starting point for implementing something comparable.


Many thanks!

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Thanks CHD OPS! I'm glad you mentioned the hourly on equipment. We will routinely help out tenant by sweeping their ramp. I hadn't even considered this.

We keep it simple with a hourly rate for staff time, $42/hr straight time or $64/hr for after hours call-out, rounded up to the nearest quarter hour.  One thing we will probably add is a 2 hour minimum charge for after hours call outs.  Fees are assessed:

"For exclusive use of staff time on activity not associated with normal airport operations and maintenance of the facility."

We also have hourly rates for the use of various equipment like sweepers, boom trucks, etc.

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