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Hi Glen,  We use drones here at GTR airport.   ...

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rdshirt1  I just sent you an email. 

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iAuditor is the best we have found for the money...


Hey phfops  I'm trying to create a LOA for our...

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Hey David,  I'm trying to create a LOA for our...

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UAV Airport Operations

Hi everyone, We are now flying UAVs here at our airport. The Golden Triangle Regional Airport owns and operates the UAVs. We fly the UAVs in our Class D airspace under an approved FAA 107 authorization. Our UAVs are a really useful airport tool.     Here is a link to a new news article with more information.   Hopefully, many more airports will start utilizing UAVs in the future.       
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Hey y'all! I'm trying to create a LOA for our airport's RSA in accordance with the FAA AC on ground vehicle operations (150/5210-20A). The AC provides a template for this purpose but it would be very helpful to see a LOA that has been approved by a Cert Inspector. Has your airport created a RSA LOA? If so, would you be willing to share a copy of it with me?  Thanks for your time and...
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We don't have a tower at MCW and as far as I am aware have no need to create the LOA you are looking for.  

RobJacobs,  you are correct, an ACSI is not a party to the actual LOA, but if the LOA is going to be included in the airports ACM, it will need to be reviewed and signed off, (signature/date) like other addendum materials.....under the philosophy that nothing should be contained in the ACM that is not required by rule or regulation (my philosphy of course).

I'll be happy to share what I have so far.  It hasn't been finalized, but I've gotten verbal approval from parties involved.
To be clear, I don't believe the LOA needs approval from your Cert Inspector, as they are not parties in the letter.  It just needs to be included as an addendum in your ACM.

Send me an email at, and I'll send you what I have, including some explanation for the changes I've made from the one in the AC.


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