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On: First month of TALPA (Post)

Hello "Operations". I agree that this new system is challenging...


Not too enthused either. A lot to digest, Hopefully the...

On: Insider Threat (Post)

Yes, we do as well, this procedure was impemented just...

On: Runway Braking Action Reporting (Post)

Hello All. Everyone is spot-on. There is no coorelation from...

On: Runway Designator (Post)

Refer to Standards for Airport Markings 2.1 (Table 2-1). It...

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Runway Closure for Maintenance

Hello All. Concerning Runway Closures during Maintenance. ie Airfield Maintenance painting or rubber removal. When closing a runway does your practive include closing off each and all associated taxiways for the respective runway (along with the lighted Xs) OR is there any scenerio where just the lighted Xs are used. I am not finding clear references on this. If you can point me to any reference material, it would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks You...
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Hello All. Just curious. Are you using bird cannons at your airport. I guess even moreso for those that experience hot / dry temps. I ask this... because at my airport , we have experience 2 bird cannon fires, whereas they sparked and caught fire to dry grass.  Have you seen this occur, and if so, what method did you use to remedy this. This is fresh in my head right now, because it occured...
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