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  • November 01, 2016
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Hello Everyone.... Quick Question.


If you have a displaced Threshold on your runway. Must you conduct RCAM requirements on the entire landable surface, Or, would you start your run at this displaced Runway. I ask this, because in the past when conducting MU runs, we dropped the wheel beginning at the displaced threshold. Thoughts?

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CHD, I checked with the FAA TALPA group manager and if you have a DT that is usable, for takeoff, then it must be included in the MU run.  Sounds like some confusion.....this was also clarified by the FAA's Airport Safety and Operations office representative.  Be Safe!!


I agree with Steve Quilty on this.  In Notam Manager, the first third is annotated as touchdown, not take off. Implication is to start at the displaced threshold.

When you have an area used for a runway, you actually have TWO runways -- one in one direction, one in the opposite direction. TALPA applies to aircraft braking upon landing. Displacement applies to only one runway. Therefore, start your calculated Mu run at the displaced theshold, as that is the first point of landing. The runway in the opposite direction would have longer lengths of thirds, as it's calculation includes the full runway length. That is why the NOTAM you issue requires identifying just one runway.

S. Quilty

SMQ Airport Services


Interesting question.  The DT is part of the runway so I think it should be included.  But in some cases I can see how that could cause confusion.  At my last airport we had an 1800' DT on one end, which was close to 1/3 of the total runway distance, but no DT on the reciprocal RWY.  In a perfect world perhaps reporting for the DTs should be seperate from the runway thirds, but the system is not set up that way.

BTW, just got this today, RCAM for ENII powerpoint:

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