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Runway Closure for Maintenance

  • July 10, 2019
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Hello All.

Concerning Runway Closures during Maintenance. ie Airfield Maintenance painting or rubber removal. When closing a runway does your practive include closing off each and all associated taxiways for the respective runway (along with the lighted Xs) OR is there any scenerio where just the lighted Xs are used. I am not finding clear references on this.

If you can point me to any reference material, it would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks You In advance!



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If runway painting is being done, then the Xs (on the runway ends) and barricades at the taxiways where the paint is being put down. In addition to NOTAMing the runway closed, also NOTAMing the barricaded taxiways closed. At the nearest taxiway which crosses the runway, parrallel barricades are placed to stop a taxiing aircraft from turning toward the WIP area.

We just use the lighted X's

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