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Ops Vehicle Pictures

  • February 14, 2012
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Hey everyone.

I know there was a post about this some time ago, but I would like to resurrect it if I could.

I am attempting to get an idea of what other airports are using for their operations vehicles to help me in designing our own. Exterior shots are just fine, but if you have any type of consoles, laptops, etc. inside the vehicle, that would be great to see as well.

Thank you very much!


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this is the wrong spot for it..but I can't get it to upload where it should go.. ref: fence vs. TSA:

"" fence pics did upload..I found them on my profile page.  shows: start/in place and what a 777 can do to one.
regarding TSA...unless you have someone who speaks TSA'ish..and the TSA people know them...consider TSA wins as the result.  save the head aches and time"".


I have posted a few is that time of year and new ones are here.  waiting for power supplies for the laptops.  do not ever..ever..go with the plug in circle..plug in computer thingees.  waste of time/money.  laptops this time the same idea applied.  go good or don't go.  panasonic cf31's -i5's 4gb ram .. ..wifi covers 95% ..att broadband kicks in for the rest...dual ant. (wifi/broadband)...gps(still works in progress with which program)..gis with terrago-plug here..really a good/free product!..outside semi -standard but upscaled...light bars, bells, whistles piaa ...will send pics when they come over to my side..soon

Aside from whatever people here post you can check out this group on Flickr.  Not much in the way of the interiors but a good collection of exteriors.


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