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Reflective Light Markers

  • October 16, 2017
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We are looking at adding reflective light markers to our runway edge lights to use during the snow season. Do any other airports use them? Do you have a brand you recommend?  I can't find any specific documentation from the FAA that says they cannot be used. 

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My idea, and our practice is don't bury the lights when plowing. Make your burm/ridge far enough away as to not cover your lights, then proceed with blowing the burm/ridge out of the way. It's way easier to use your blower than to shovel and uncover all of the lights.

Check out this link they should have what you are looking for:

If we get a big enough snow fall we end up having to uncover them so we're thinking the markers will make that process quicker. 

Ah that makes more sense, I was thinking two dimensionally.  Our lights never usually get buried to the point of digging them out.  

So we can find them easier to dig them out after they have been burried by the snow plows. 

Ok curiosity got the best of me, why are you looking for reflective markers for the lights?  We just keep the lights on while plowing.

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