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"Aviation Sand"

  • September 19, 2018
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Hi community members, I am looking for FAA approved Sand to use as a teatment for ice conditions we may incounter on our Rwy. We are in S. Colorado and are having a difficult time finding vendors that sell materials that meet the specific FAA gradations. I am also considering NAAC, however I need to fully research the sand option before justifying the expense. Any thoughts or direction here is appreciated. 



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This is some great feedback, Thanks.

I would recommend talking with your cert inspector. I'm pretty sure what they will tell you is that if you are not able to get sand which meets the specs (and, btw you can. It's just that most of the sources will tell you they can't because they don't want to do the work...), then you need a letter from all the air carriers that serve your airport expliciltly accepting the sieve level you can acquire.

Also, if you can get some neighboring airports (COS, ALS, etc.) to go in on an order, then you'll have a bigger order, making it more profitable for the company producing the sand.

Good Luck!

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