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Self-Service Fuel at Corporate Hangar

  • February 21, 2018
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I expect this to be an ongoing discussion. What regulations cover Self-Service Fueling at Corporate Hangars? More specifically, the fuel systems that are attached to individual hangars?

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Ricky, this is one of those items that comes up cyclically and from parrt 139 inspection to inspection.  In this case you recevied two excellent responses, or should I say regulartoy responese.  If you are a GA airport then generally it falls withing your local city, county or State fire code.  The recommendation to monitor is really a CYA issue but if you want to insure CYS, records of inspections would always be a plus if anything happens.  Be Safe!

Quoted directly from an FAA provided powerpoint,


Self fueling activities by corporate aircraft owners are also excluded from Part 139 requirements, however, certificate holders should monitor these fueling activities for compliance to the local Fire Code in the interest of safety.


NFPA 407 (2017), Chapter 8 Self-Service Aircraft Fueling ...................... 407– 21. (search self-service for checklist)




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