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FAA Inspector Recurrent Training

  • May 16, 2018
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As a heads up to my Fellow MAOians:

Last month, I had the priviledge of presenting to all of the FAA Airport Certification Safety Inspectors in Orlando as part of their recurrent training. When asked what they were seeing as typical discrepancies during their airfield marking inspections, their issues were several and rarely the same.

As you know, depending on which FAA inspector you have, you can get different opinions on whether your markings are compliant with Part 139, or not. The constant challenge for Airport Ops is identifying airfield marking discrepancies that are subjective in nature, before they become safety risks and perhaps discrepancies.

Your FAA Inspector also learned about Sightline's Airfield Marking Assessment service and how an independent report from us demonstrates you are aware of your marking condition, compliance, and already have a plan in place to address known issues. It's proactive and will identify potential safety risks on your airfield. Check it out for yourself.

created at: 05/16/2018

Mike Speidel


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