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Current: Contract Airfield Operations- Tarin Kowt AFG.  Landing Strip...Traffic = C-17's ..130's..MD80's..B ...
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skystryd's Photos : truck

we have 12 or so similar to this em 24/7 so tune back in soon, they change!

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We (DFW) have about 12 or so of these

Sweet trucks! I wish we use pick-ups. 

see if your people can get involved with SMS ...once in..funding is available thru the FAA for SMS related hardware/software... thats where our laptops and others come from...someone else pays!


We are working on that...great idea. Thanks!

Amber or red lightbars?

amber...light bar with display (callsign///whatever you want) on the back...PIAA lights and a very handy spot light.  new ones are here..similar just new...same basic gear plus latop (broadband/wifi) with built in power the process of eliminating radio it all - submitt forms (139 stuff/wildlife reports/ whatever we can get away with)...Shot gun rack built it lock under back seat..2 vhf's multi tuneables 1 FM and the light bar display control.. couple more toys and we will start feeling like police types with all the gear..hold the 50 lb vest! not for me thanks.
carry a spill kit in the back and a bag with binocs., camera Wildlife kill bags and all the other tools of the trade..two vehicles have FLIR units...don't get used much..but can be handy when needed.

how could I forget..tied into the display thingee is a multi noise name truck, police...warble...screech...on and on...

Awesome. Our current setup is simply 1 VHF radio, a lightbar controller, a winch, a spotlight, and a siren. You're lucky!

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