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  • January 30, 2018
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Hello everyone. We are looking to improve our inspection program for our fuel trucks, fuel carts and fuel farm facilities. I have heard that some great specfic software programs have been developed and approved by FAA for use that can be used with ipad and have barcoding and photo capablities that allow the user to identify the violations and load them right into the inspection program.

I would like to hear from any PART 139 certificated airport users that have and are using such programs along with the good, bad and ugly.


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We use ProDigiq for our inspections, both 139 and fuel. I beleive it's a pretty widely used system amongst airports like ours, and it does indeed eliminate a lot of paper. For the fuel inspection portions, your local Admnistrator has to enter all of the fuel companies, all of their farms' tanks, and all of their tankers into the system before you can use it 'in the field' on an inspection so it can generate soecific reports for each vessel. But yes, it is very tablet-friendly and does allow for pictures in certain instances. My complaint with it would be is when you do find a discrepancy, typing the information on a tablet kind of stops you in your tracks and takes some time. Trying that on an even smaller device (like an iPhone) is even worse. What we usually do is take a pen and pad of paper with us and just write our info on there, putting it into Prodigiq later in our office. I do not know of one that would be more streamlined or mobile-device friendly, but it's not exactly easy to work in the field with either.

Thank you for post. My intentions was to find out if any certificated airports are using a program and if it was working or not working etc. I had using NCR forms........

Woodrow, please be careful with the FAA approved software programs, that is not something that Airport Certification is usually accustomed to approving.  Yes, there are some fueling training programs (commercial) that the FAA accepts, but be careful with one's that someone might indicate are FAA approved.  Be Safe!!!


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